Washtenaw County Red Cross "Comm-Center"


The Washtenaw county Red Cross (www.wc-redcross.org) and the ARROW Amateur Radio Club (www.w8pgw.org) are working cooperatively to maintain the best communications systems possible in support of the primary mission of the American Red Cross. This involves maintaining the Red Cross 47.42 MHz radios, as well as provide HF, VHF, UHF, and Packet Radio systems in the Amateur Radio Service (under the callsign WC8RC). While at the same time, the Red Cross provides a convienient meeting place for the ARROW radio club and use of the Comm-Center as the club's station (under the callsign W8PGW). This is a sybiotic relationship that provides benefit to both organizations.


   ARROW Liasion &                 Jay Nugent        WB8TKL    wb8tkl@arrl.net             (734)484-5105 /home
   Station Manager                                                jjn@nuge.com             (734)649-0850 /cell
                                                                                           (734)485-5469 x4555 /VOIP
                                                                                           (734)485-5469 x4556 /VOIP

   1st Assistant Station Manager   Jeff Zupan        W8SGZ      w8sgz@tsshome.com          (734)429-2220 /home
   [Station Trustee of the WC8RC callsign]                                                 (734)904-1875 /cell

   2nd Assistant Station Manager   Clark Wierda      N8CBW      n8cbw@arrl.net             (734)481-0452 /home

   3rd Assistant Station Manager   Mark Goodwin      W8FSA      w8fsa@arrl.net             (734)944-0730 /home

In the event of an activation, the above listed persons should be contacted to arrange staffing of the Comm-Center. Each of these persons has 7x24 building access and is knowledgable in Red Cross procedures and the operation of all equipment inside the Comm-Center. These persons may also be knowledgable in the communications needs of the FAST and DAT teams, as well as those of the Shelter Managers.


Meetings have been moved, and are now held from 7pm to 8pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every EVEN NUMBERED month in the Red Cross chapter on Packard Road in Ann Arbor.




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