Arrow/Red Cross Technical Coordinator Report as of May 6th, 2007

Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 19:07:23 -0500
From: Tom Snoblen 
To: "ARROW-General-List@yahoogroups. com" 
Subject: [ARROW-General-List] Arrow/Red Cross Technical Coordinator Report May 2006

Arrow/Red Cross Technical Coordinator Report
May 6, 2007

Arrow/Red Cross meeting April 24, 2007 Below is a list of action items to
come out of the meeting:

1.      Decided to go ahead and buy an antenna mount for the 2M antenna should be
around $50 tower (Jay WB8TKL)
2.      HF Wire antenna nearly completed (Jeff W8SGZ).
3.      RC Antenna purchased (Tom N8AMX)
4.      Dan Romanchik has done a partial build up of the Junction box
5.      Next meeting May 22 (fourth Tuesday)

Meeting was attended by:

Dave WB4SBE             Jay WB8TKL              Mark W8FSA
George   K8GEO          Tom N8AMX

Current Status:  We are currently trying to complete the task above in
preparation for putting up the antennas.  When the Junction box is completed
we will schedule a work party to terminate the installed cables.

Emergency Services Committee Meeting:  I attended the second Emergency
Services Committee Meeting on the 2nd of May.  In addition to the Red Cross
and the Arrow the following Organization where represented UM Public Safety,
Saline Polices and Washtenaw Sheriff.  This is the second meeting sense the
committee was reformed after it collapsed under Jim Wades.

The meeting was largely a repeat of the first meeting with the Red Cross
explaining their various services.  The next meeting will be in about 3

Tom Snoblen N8AMX
Arrow ^� Red Cross Technical Coordinator