ARROW/RedCross Agenda for May 27th, 2008

Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 13:16:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jay Nugent 
To: ARROW-Red Cross 
Subject: [ARROW-RedCross] Meeting Agenda for May 27th, 2008

   The following is the rough agenda for tonight's meeting.  If you have
additional items to add, just email me, or bring them up at the meeting,
of course!

  1) Created a temporary website:
      o Documents work progress with photos and dates and volunteers
      o "Wish List" of equipment we need or want
      o Station Managers contact information

  2) SOU is ready to be signed.
      * Finish the final edit
      o Print master document and schedule a meeting of the signators.
      o We may wish to have a reporter present as both organizations may
        like to have the good press and to document the event.
         -- No change in status

  3) Status of PC's and net access
      o Where do we stand now?
         -- 1st Red Cross provided PC is fully operational on the
            right-hand desk running Win-XP
         -- 2nd Red Cross provided PC is fully operational on the
            left-hand desk running Kubuntu Linux
            - Has 2 ethernet ports.  2nd *may* be used to link to the JNOS
              box for SMTP/POP3 mail and/or telnet access

      o Email account(s)?
         -- has been tested and works fine
         -- has not yet been tested

      o Will the Linux (and possibly JNOS) boxes have net access?
         -- Linux is configured to get an address via DHCP
         -- JNOS yet to be tested and Okayed by IT (will need a static IP)

      o What additional software apps do we want on these machines?
         - OutPost
         - Digital modes for HF (MT64 PSK31)
         - N1MM contest logging
         - others, etc.
      o Ethernet hub (as we have more PC's than ethernet jacks)
         -- to be provided...........

  4) Find ONE more "Assistant Station Manager"
      o Develop policies and job responsibilities
        *** Draw up preliminary document with Sta Mgr's
      o Get proximity/swipe card for W8SGZ (WC8RC Trustee)
         -- Done!
      o Get proximity/swipe cards for new ASM's
         -- Still need proximity/access card for N8CBW

  5) Red Cross hierarchy chart (who are the players?)
      o Who can provide up-to-date Org chart, Telephone lists, and Email
        addresses?  For RC personnel?  For Hams?
         -- Still needs to be completed..... Website shows Sta Mgr's

  6) Work party needed to install HT chargers in DAT/ERV vehicles
         -- Need to coordinate HT installs in DAT/ERV vehicles..........
      o Disposal of old HT's (possibly provide to SM & ASM's for RX-only)
         -- 2 of the 4 discard HT's have been tested and work fine
         -- Batteries in all 4 units are just dead weight
         -- The 2 Ritron units use AA nicad's so can be easily rebuilt

  7) Work party to remote 47.42 MHz to Corey's office
      o Determine pinout and wiring for remote control head
         -- Test remote head locally
         -- Route and pull control cable through the building

  8) Progress report on 800 MHz radio (UASI Board/ EMD)

  9) HF rig capable of operating on RedCross frequencies (Vertex VX-1700)
      o Status? - Who, what, when. antenna, finances, etc...

      --- ARROW HF rig was tested as low output into a dummy load
          Could be operator error, so test further

 10) 2-meter/440 synth rig w/PL needed
      o Current rig is a loaner from N8AMX and is "strange" to operate
      o Likely will want/need TWO rigs in a real event

 11) FERMEX Drill(s)
      o Corey worked "congregate care" drill
      o Jay participated in 4 drills
         - Maintained CONV session from WC8RC to the net
         - Passed one formal piece of traffic (Radiogram) via Packet to
           SEOC & EOCMNR on behalf of WC8RC

 12) Shelter/Canteen Test Exercise
      o GRR/MNR/BAY/KZO and perhaps other RC sites are willing to
        participate in verifying inter-RC data communications (AMPR email
        & CONVerse)
         -- Possibly sked for 3rd or 4th weekend in July?
            Or do concurrently with S.E.T. on October 4th?
    *** Start with "Comms Training" for RC personnel
          - How and when to use 47.42, business radios, Hams?
          - 47.42 callsign?  Mobile unit designations?
      o "Disaster Technology Teams" are being moved out to the Chapters
          - New course "DTT training 101" being developed
      o GRR performs 47.42 net Sundays at 8pm
          - Should we participate?
      o Attended Red Cross forum at Dayton Hamvention

 13) Plan further antenna installations
      o HF beam & rotor
         - Beam is at KT8K's and will need to be refurbished
      o Additional coax runs (fill pipe in one pass)
      o What other antennas should we install?
      o What is the max tower load & can the tower support them?
      o Does ARROW need more $$$ and how much?

       ------- This all needs to be coordinated ---------

 14) Further equipment to aquire:
      o UPS(s)
      o Deep-cycle battery  <------- Provided by Dave New N8SBE
        & PowerGate
      o Possible mod for 12v P.S. to support batt charger?
         -- Someone contact Astron for further information.........
        *** Do we want ONE supply or have redundancy with multiple???
      o 12v hi-intensity lamps (LED)
      o Wiremold power strips
      o Anderson Power-Pole(tm) 12v distribution blocks

   See the "WISH LIST" at

 15) Room layout:
      o Use the room (in exercises) then decide what are the problem
      o Total all current and future equipment
          - then determine what are the workflows
          - staffing levels (1, 2, 3 persons)
          - what needs to be 'reached' from one position
          - finalize equipment placement
      o Determine a bench layout that best meets the day-to-day needs
        based on the above conditions
      o Built from scratch?  Buy pre-made?  Who/How finance?

        --- Would like to remove the right desk and replace it with a
            table or bench.  This removes the leg-room issues with the
            lower drawers.

        --- Will run a high-current 12-volt distribution feed to the left
            desk for radios, etc.  This would eliminate multiple 12v
            cables going to the Astron power supply and crossing the room.

 16) Generator test & outlet plate marking

 17) Other items?

   -- June 1st - Chelsea Swap
   -- June 14th - Midland Swap
   -- June 15th - Monroe Swap

      --- Jay Nugent  WB8TKL
          o ARROW/RedCross Liasion