ARROW/RedCross Agenda for July 22nd, 2008

Meeting began at 19:15
Meeting ended at 20:40

In attendance:  Corey, WB8TKL, W8FSA, N8SBE, N8CBW

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2008 06:59:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jay Nugent 
To: ARROW-Red Cross 
Subject: [ARROW-RedCross] Meeting Agenda for July 22nd, 2008

   The following is the rough agenda for tonight's meeting.  If you have
additional items to add, just email me, or bring them up at the meeting,
of course!

  "+" denotes changes since the previous agenda

  1) [] website:
      + Added: Material Support Services (MSS) - Response Technology
               Handbook (.pdf dated March 2007)
      + Added: Communications (ARC 3058) (.pdf dated July 1998)
      + Added:  Pictures, Comm-Center as of June 2008
      - Updated 'Station Managers' contact information
        (Should print and post on bulletin board)

  2) Status of PC's and net access
      o Upgraded from Kubuntu 7.04 to 7.10 and DHCP stopped working
         + Re-ran DPKG script and everything reconfigure correctly
         - Still need to contact IT to assign an IP address (Jay)
      + Installed "OutPost" on WinXP box.  Not yet configured or tested.

  3) Station Managers & ID Cards
      - Get proximity/swipe card for Mark W8FSA  !!!!
      - Get ID card for WB8TKL
      - Train SM's of all equipment in the Comm-Center
      - Train SM's on ARC operational policies & procedures
      + Mari believes Bruce Graham KD8APB has a swipe/proximity card
        Jay is verifying if this is correct
      + Jeff Singleton KC8RNX took RC Orientation course a year ago,
        submitted info for the background check, and had his photo taken,
        and has *still* not yet received an ID card.  Mari???

  4) Red Cross hierarchy chart (who are the players?)
      + Corey provided Org Chart.  Jay will get it printed and posted in
        the Comm-Center

  5) Work party needed to install HT chargers in DAT/ERV vehicles
         -- Need to coordinate HT installs in DAT/ERV vehicles
            (Clark & Jay)
            + Corey asked us to hold off 1 month as National may be
              replacing some vehicles

  6) Work party to remote 47.42 MHz to Corey's office
      o Determine pinout and wiring for remote control head
         -- Test remote head locally
         -- Route and pull control cable through the building
            (perhaps see IT guy & use existing CAT5 cables)
      + No change in status... (Jay)
      + Will we need this for the September exercise???

  7) 10-meter Groundplane cut down to 47.42 for Corey's house
      + Are ya ready, Corey?

  8) 2-meter/440 synth rig w/PL needed
      o Current rig is a loaner from N8AMX and is "strange" to operate
      o Likely will want/need *TWO* rigs in a real event
      + Possible sources of loaners/donations???
        (Corey == 7100  //  N8SBE == 10w 2/440 rig)
      + Will need something better before the September exercise

  9)  "Comms Training" for RC personnel
      + Jay sketching out a training sylabus
      + Jay will perform "Comms Training" at Aug 6th DAT meeting

 10) Shelter/Canteen Test Exercise, September 27th [S.E.T.]
      + Michigan S.E.T. moved up one week to avoid "Bow Season"
        and will be held [Saturday September 27th]
      + NOTE: See email sent to all Station Managers
      o Perform some pre-planning and brain-storming in preperation...

 11) Plan further antenna installations
      o HF beam & rotor
         - Beam is at KT8K's and will need to be refurbished
         - Aquire the beam and get it refurbished and tested
            + No change in status (KT8K & WB8TKL)
      o Additional coax runs (fill pipe in one pass)
         + Steve WB8WSF will purchase 1000' roll of 9914 in July
           for $500.  ARROW will cover initial costs with ARC reimbursing
           at a later date
      o What other antennas should we install?
         - 2-meter omni for Packet
         - 2m/70cm stick identical to existing stick
         - Scanner antenna (50MHz thru 900Mhz)
         - HF tri-bander beam (already planned)
         - 2-meter beam (atop HF tri-bander) for Simplex operations
         - This leaves one "spare" coax run for temporary HF/VHF/UHF ants.
      o What is the max tower load & can the tower support them?

       ------- This all needs to be coordinated ---------
             Note: HWF, GEO, FSA participated in earlier install
             - A deployment plan needs to be written
             - Materials need to be priced & purchased
             - Work needs to be scheduled
             - Execute! (before the snow flies!!!)

             + No change in status.  Need this planned out soon...

 12) Comm-Center "projects":
      o UPS(s)
         - Aquired 2 300va UPS's
         + May need (2) 12v7ah SLA batteries
           (purchase order?)
      o Deep-cycle battery
         + Installed 25A fuse near battery
         + Watching battery for any bubbling or acid loss
      + Posted W8PGW and WC8RC station licenses
      + Need bulletin/white boards (Corey & Mark W8FSA)

   See the "WISH LIST" at

      + Did not get over to the RC to operate :(

 14) Other items?
      o Vests - K8GEO priced at appx $40 (qty 12 or more) with "Emergency
                Communications" screened on them (print incl $55 screen
                setup charge)
              - Looking for commitment from enough people to place order

   -- July 24th          ARC Staff meeting @ 10:30am
   -- July 28th          [AMPteam]
   -- July 30-Aug 3      Corey at Training Academy
   -- Aug 2 & 3          UHF contest @ Signal Hill (Domino Farms)
   -- Aug 5th            *VOTE*
   -- Aug 6th            [DAT Team meetings & "Comms Training" @ 6pm]
   -- Aug 7th            Monroe County ARPSC meeting
   -- Aug 9-24           Corey on vacation
   -- Aug 12th           Wayne County ARPSC meeting
   -- Aug 13th           [ARROW General Meeting]
   -- Aug 13th           Pallisades drill #1
   -- Aug 17th           [Washtenaw ARPSC "Fox Hunt"]
   -- Aug 19th           Washtenaw ARPSC "Leadership" meeting @ 19:30 WCC
   -- Aug 26th           [ARROW/RedCross meeting @ WCARC]
   -- Aug 28th           ARC Staff meeting @ 10:30am
   -- Aug 29-31          Grand Prix
   -- Sep 3rd            Pallisades drill #2

      --- Jay Nugent  WB8TKL
          o ARROW/RedCross Liasion & Station Manager