ARROW/RedCross TODO List -- January 16th, 2008

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 22:18:14 -0500
From: Tom Snoblen 
To: "ARROW-Board@yahoogroups. com" 
Subject: [ARROW-Board] Red Cross what needs to be done

Arrow Board,

Here is the requested list of things that still need to be done at the Red

1. The Arrow Board needs to appoint some one to be station manager or at
least find some one to run the monthly meetings.  I will not be able to make
the Jan meeting.  The next meeting is Jan 22, next Tuesday.

2. The station need a HF (80M) antenna.

3. Someone needs to come up with a plan on how to layout the shack and
execute the plan.

4. The grounding of the antenna panel in the shack need to be checked.  I do
not remember if I ever got the right size cable bolts to attach the ground

5. An activation call tree need to be developed.

6. A document need to be write describing how the Red Cross would call up
the Arrow.

7. A document of understanding need to be written between the Arrow and the
Red Cross.  Needs to define how the Arrow can access the RC.
8.  It is time to recruit new volunteers from the Arrow.

Thinks that I have:

1. Key to the antenna box at the bottom of the tower.  I have the only one a
spare should be made

2. PC and Monitor that was donated to the Arrow for Red Cross use.

I will bring the above stuff to the next meeting I attend or deliver sooner
if needed.

I also have a RC radio or two wait to be programmed and installed.  I will
continue to hold for the Red Cross.

Tom Snoblen

Tom Snoblen N8AMX