ARROW/RedCross Agenda for April 22nd, 2008

Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 14:57:04 -0400 (EDT)
From: Jay Nugent 
To: ARROW-Red Cross 
Subject: [ARROW-RedCross] Meeting Agenda for April 22nd, 2008

   The following is the rough agenda for tonight's meeting.  If you have
additional items to add, just email me, or bring them up at the meeting,
of course!

  1) SOU is ready to be signed.
      o We just need the finished printed master document and to schedule
        a meeting of the signators.
      o We may wish to have a reporter present as both organizations may
        like to have the good press and to document the event.

  2) Status of PC's and net access
      o Where do we stand now?
      o Email account(s)?
      o Will the Linux (and possibly JNOS) boxes have net access?
      o What additional software apps do we want on these machines?
         - OutPost
         - Digital modes for HF (MT64 PSK31)
         - N1MM contest logging
         - others, etc.
      o Ethernet hub (as we have more PC's than eth jacks)

  3) Find two more "Assistant Station Managers"
      o Develop policies and job responsibilities
      o Get proximity/swipe card for W8SGZ (WC8RC Trustee)
      o Get proximity/swipe cards for new ASM's

  4) Red Cross hierarchy chart (who are the players?)
      o Who can provide up-to-date Org chart, Telephone lists, and Email
        addresses?  For RC personnel?  For Hams?

  5) Are work parties needed to install HT chargers in DAT/ERV vehicles?
      o Disposal of old HT's (possibly provide to SM & ASM's for RX-only)

  6) Progress report on 800 MHz radio (UASI Board/ EMD)

  7) HF rig capable of operating on RedCross frequencies (Vertex VX-1700)
      o Status? - Who, what, when. antenna, finances, etc...

  8) Grant monies?
      o Rain Curl was once looking into this.  What did we determine and
        where do we currently stand?

  9) Shelter/Canteen Test Exercise
      o GRR/MNR/BAY/KZO and perhaps other RC sites are willing to
        participate in verifying inter-RC data communications (AMPR email
        & CONVerse)

 10) Plan further antenna installations
      o HF beam & rotor
         - Beam is at Corwins and will need to be refurbished
      o Additional coax runs (fill pipe in one pass)
      o What other antennas should we install?
      o What is the max tower load & can the tower support them?
      o Does ARROW need more $$$ and how much?

 11) Work party to remote 47.42 MHz to Corey's office

 12) Further equipment to aquire:
      o UPS(s)
      o Deep-cycle battery & PowerGate
      o Possible mod for 12v P.S. to support batt charger?
      o 12v hi-intensity lamps
      o More space-efficient chairs (2 or 3?)
      o Waste basket
      o Wiremold power strips
      o Anderson Power-Pole(tm) 12v distribution blocks

 13) Room layout:
      o Use the room then decide what are the problem areas???
         (see Item #9 Test Exercise)
      o Total all current and future equipment
          - then determine what are the workflows
          - staffing levels (1, 2, 3 persons)
          - what needs to be 'reached' from one position
          - finalize equipment placement
      o Determine a bench layout that best meets the day-to-day needs
        based on the above conditions
      o Built from scratch?  Buy pre-made?  Who/How finance?

 14) Other items?

   -- Washtenaw County ARPSC general membership meeting
      Thursday April 24th 7-9 pm @ WCC BE-270

   -- Fermi Drill / Wednesday April 23
   -- Fermi Drill / Wednesday May 7
   ** FERMEX Exercise / Tuesday May 20th  <--- This is just a test.  If
                        this had been a REAL evacuation Washtenaw county
                        would become a bedroom community big time!

      --- Jay Nugent  WB8TKL
          o ARROW/RedCross Liasin