ARROW/RedCross Agenda for March 25th, 2008

NOTE: Using the agenda from last months *cancelled* meeting, with some
      slight variations...

   1) Review finished MOU/SOU document and submit it to the ARROW B.O.D.
       NOTE: I would like to ask the members of this list to download the
             MOU/SOU from the Files section of this Yahoo Group.  Please
             take a look and see if it meets with your approval.
             If we have group consensus we will pass it to the ARROW
             B.O.D. for their meeting tomorrow night.

   2) Find volunteers for "Asst. Station Manager"
        -  The station trustee *needs* to be one of these positions.
        -  We have a couple people currently interested.
        -  The B.O.D. will need to decide how many Assistant Station
           Managers is the appropriate number.  This may hinge on the
           number of door access cards the Red Cross is willing to
           provide for building access.

   3) Comm Center room and equiment layout
        -  K8GEO has taken measurements and is producing a floorplan
           drawing for us to work with
        -  We can test different layouts using 'paper dolls'

   4) Setup JNOS computer for TCP/IP & AX.25 Packet
        -  WB8TKL already has a computer earmarked for the task (or we can
           load DOS 6.22 and JNOS 2.0 on a Red Cross provided machine)
        -  WB8TKL is willing to loan a KISS TNC to the cause which will
           keep the "QMN VHF & HF Packet Station in a Box" intact for use
           as a Go-Kit, as needed.
           NOTE: The Packet TNC, VHF rig, HF rig, and lockable box, are
                 property of QMN, not the ARROW nor the Red Cross.  These
                 were purchased using State provided grant monies and
                 *are* accounted for.
        -  Monitors are already provided.  Keyboards are $2 at Value World

   5) Connect Packet antenna (install connector on coax in junction box)
        - Need to get the key back from N8AMX

   6) Properly ground the RF patch panel in the Comm Center

   7) Repair broken 75-meter dipole.
        - Reattach broken (West) end of the dipole
        - Rehome the East end of the antenna to an alternate attachement
          point so that the dipole is "in-line" and not folded back on

   8) Remove telephone gear that is currently stored in the Comm Center
      and get it stored elsewhere (cage?).

   9) TKL - Submit invoice for tower standoff bracket

   Again, please look over the MOU/SOU in the Files area and post your
opinions back to the group (or me, if you are shy).  We *NEED* to get that
to the ARROW B.O.D. tomorrow night!

      --- Jay Nugent  WB8TKL
          o Acting ARROW/Red-Cross Liasion
          o Washtenaw ARPSC AEC - NTS Liasion & Packet Operations
          o Chair, ARRL Michigan Section "Digital Radio Group" (DRG)