Arrow/Red Cross Technical Coordinator Report as of April 11th, 2007

Date: Wed, 11 Apr 2007 21:35:59 -0000
From: Tom Snoblen 
Subject: [ARROW-General-List] Red Cross Status

Arrow/Red Cross Technical Coordinator Report
April 11, 2007

Arrow/Red Cross meeting March 27, 2007 Below is a list of action items
to come out of the meeting:

1.      Find out cost and availability of antenna side mounts for the Red
Cross tower (Jay WB8TKL)
2.      Construction of HF Wire antenna (Jeff W8SGZ).
3.      Construction of RC antenna (Tom N8AMX).
4.      Rane Curl needs an agency profile from Arrow for grant applications.
5.      We are going to try to get a representative of the Grand Rapids Red
Cross radio club to address us on April 7 9:00am (RC)
6.      Dan Romanchik is going to build up the junction box.
7.      Next meeting May 22 (fourth Tuesday)

Meeting was attended by:

Dave WB4SBE             Rane N8REG              Jay WB8TKL
Mark W8FSA                      George   K8GEO  John WA8UXO
Jeff W8SGZ                      Tom N8AMX

Current Status of Arrow Action Items:

Item 4. We need Board input to complete the profile

Item 5. Training session occurred as schedule, item closed.

March 24, Work Party Results
We had six people show up for the work party, to install the
anti-climb shield and run cables from the radio room to the tower.
Over all things went well the following was completed:
�       About 8 feet of the tower was covered in sheet metal to discourage
�       4 lengths of Coax (LMR 400) where pulled from the tower to the radio
�       2 lengths of CAT5 where pulled from the tower to the radio room.
�       1 Length of rotor cable where pulled from the tower to the radio room.

April 7, RC Training Session
Six Arrow members and two Red Cross Staffers attended the train
session.  The Grand Rapids Red Cross Communications Officers came in
to tell us how they do it in Grand Rapids.  The talk was very
informative and will help guide us in the future.  The Grand Rapids RC
has a lot more resources than we do, so we will set a slower pace.

Tom Snoblen N8AMX
Arrow ^� Red Cross Technical Coordinator