Mesh Networking

      Possible AREDN node sites for a backbone, using sector antennas and multiple frequencies. This uses existing Repeater sites (145.23, 146.92, and 146.96), UofM North Campus club station, the Red Cross tower, and possibly the County tower and EOC. Also shown are ACE Hardware in Dexter (owned by a close friend of RWI), TKL's tower (will be over the trees once erected), N8LBV's tower (60-feet once erected - and he is heavy into WiFi networking). We also show W8AWT just to show what it would take to get End Users connected.

      Additional antennas/nodes would be added to each Backbone site on a different band to allow End Users to connect to the network. By keeping End Users OFF of the Backbone channels prevents "hidden transmitters" that only serve to clutter up the channel and raise the noise floor.

      I would suggest 3.4 GHz for Backbone, and 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, and 900 MHz for End Users.